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'The Strange, Selective Memories of Noble and McLatchie'

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Casey Luskin's 'Multiple Deceptions' email (23/03/12)

(distortions, misrepresentations, faux outrage,

misinterpretations and quote-mining)

2012/13 additions/contributions (24/02/13 update):

“One bit of such design which I don't think has been mentioned I unfortunately live with.
This is that after suffering Bell's Palsy (half the face is paralysed) in many cases when
the nerves regenerate they [don't always] go back to their previous positions. Hence
synkinesis, where one wrong bit of the face contracts at the same time as the right one
is. Example: when I move my mouth, say in eating (correct) at the same time my right
eye contracts (very wrong and feels horrible). This is precisely because there is no
'intelligent design' blueprint to get the nerves back correctly.” -- DW

“Potato blight (killed over a million people in the 1840s).”

“Dialect differences between the genetic codes of mitochondria, chloroplasts, and the
eukaryote cell nucleus hindering optimum migration to the nucleus of mitochondrial
and chloroplast DNA.”

“Lactose intolerance”

“Parry Romberg Syndrome”


“Cancer is on your list but not the 200 different versions of it
(skin, bowel, prostate, etc).”

“Coeliac disease (a special problem for Pastafarians).”


“Stomach ulcers”







“Bed bugs”

“I think you've got the flatfish, but not the elephant seal's nose parasites.”

“The rhesus negative problem in pregnancy.”

“Hearts that have to rely on fragile blood vessels instead of absorbing oxygen from
main blood circulation.”

Ear canals that are too long and too narrow and therefore easily infected.”

“Plants have about 2% energy efficiency.”

“Birds can grow new hair cells in their ears. Why can't we?”

“Sharks can't see what's going into their mouths.”

“Whales' wont-work smell genes”

“Mammalian embryos' empty yolk sac”

“Hailey-Hailey Syndrome”

“Hard-wired optical illusions”

“Hard-wired conceptual delusions”

“Pseudomyxoma Peritonei”

“Lyme disease”

“Rabson-Mendenhall Syndrome”

“Blank eyes in blind cavefish”

“Vestigial thighbones in whales”

“The panda's penis (only one inch long, and they have problems getting it in).”

“Two sets of kidneys discarded before the real one develops in mammalian embryos.”

“Hair on embryo whales (and humans)”

“Foot fetishes and bunions”

“Lesch Nyhan Syndrome”

“The twisted skull of the flatfish (contrast the manta ray, which gets it right).”


“Leg Cramps”

“Acid Reflux”


“Receding Gums”




“Salmonella Poisoning”

“Urinary Tract Infection”

“Crohn's Disease”

“Systemic Lupus”

“Canker Sores”


“My stutter!”



“Slipped Disc”

“Bladder Incontinence”

“Bowel Incontinence”

“Erectile Dysfunction”


“Sleep Disorders”



“Carpel Tunnel”




“Legionnaires' Disease”




“Fungal Infections”










“Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva”

“Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis”

“Mandibular ameloblastoma”

“You got the pain alarm we can't switch off but not 'Congenital Insensitivity to Pain'
which can result in horrible injuries.”

“Accumulations of earwax. I'm sitting with vegetable oil in my ears, softening up
before getting it medically removed. So they can then evaluate - more UID - the
true extent of my age-related hearing loss.”


2011/12 additions/contributions (02/12 update)


“Giving birth through the pelvic girdle instead of through the abdominal wall
is the direct cause of endless horrors. Deaths in childbirth, and, if possible
even worse, brain damage during delivery either mechanically or through
perinatal anoxia. And anyone who quotes Genesis 3:16 in excuse is a moral monster.”


“Beetle overkill (350,000 species? – Pourquoi?).”

“Cataracts (in the eye).”

“Cataracts (of the Nile – reducing navigability).”

“Ineffective goosebumps on humans.”

“Newborn marsupials having to journey from womb to pouch.”

“Precariously-balanced penguin eggs. Why no pouch, Dr N?”

“Hole-in-the-heart babies.”

“Wings on flightless beetles.”


“Easily-detached retinas.”

“Eyes on creatures that live in total darkness.”

“Most of human history spent without life-saving drugs, treatments and vaccines.
Most discovered relatively recently – and thanks to trial and error! And chance!”

“Millennia without anaesthesia.”


“About 95% of marine life and 70% of terrestrial life became extinct during what is
known as the end-Permian, a time when continents were all one land mass called Pangaea.
The environment ranged from desert to lush forest.”

“Menstruation, aka ‘the curse.’”



“Limb regrowth restricted to salamanders and starfish.”

“Two thirds of the earth’s surface being under water.”

“Internal tails.”

“Hind limbs on snakes.”

“Teeth, tails and hind limbs that start growing only to be reabsorbed.”



“The fact that the liver is the only internal organ that can
spontaneously regenerate when damaged.”

“Haemoglobin’s preference for carbon monoxide.”

“Human conception – having to throw 250 million darts at the bullseye!”

“Anything with wiry hair, goosebumps, varicose veins, loose skin, one eye
and a purple helmet.”

“Putting the recreational area right next to the sewage outflow.”

“Creatures that spend their whole lives in water having to lay their eggs on land.”

“Creatures that spend their whole lives on land having to lay their eggs in water.”

“Malarial swamps.”

“Male sexual urges peaking at the same time as acne (and long before you can afford
a house down payment).”

“Few clues as to which plants are poisonous and which ones aren’t.”

“Kidney stones.”


Unintelligent Design -- The Original (2011) List:


Back pain

Fragile necks

Poorly-insulated brains

The ease with which we can choke

A pain 'alarm' that can't be switched off

Upside down/back-to-front eyes

Teeth prone to decay

Easily worn-out knees

Blind spot

Bad plumbing

Pain in 'phantom' limbs

Poor protection for fragile organs

The defencelessness of babies

Brains prone to oxygen deprivation

Having to spend a third of our lives asleep

Nerves that go a long way for a shortcut

Birth defects

Pain in childbirth

Fragile hearts

Ears prone to damage and infection

Poorly padded feet

Wisdom teeth

Funny bone

Quoll nipple shortage

"Nature red in tooth and claw"

Flightless birds

Manatee toenails









Volcanic eruptions







Ravenous black holes

Cannibalising galaxies

The vast waste of space

The 10 billion year wait for life

160 million years of dinosaurs

The unravelling of Irreducible Complexity









Muscular dystrophy



Cystic fibrosis

Parkinson's disease










Autoimmune diseases

Down's syndrome












Unintelligent Design -- The 2011 additions/contributions:


"Waiting half the sun's lifetime before the Edicaran radiation (aka Cambrian explosion)."

"To say nothing, come to think of it, of waiting 8 billion years to turn the Sun on."

"Won't-drain sinuses (JBS Haldane's favourite)."

"You may want to add our geneomes to the list
(Amoeba dubia also has a geneome 200 times the size of ours)."

"Then you have evolutionary solutions to malaria - eg sickle cell genes,
and muscles like the palmaris longus..."

"External testicles."

"Vestigial limbs in snakes, and some water inhabiting mammals."

"Conjoined twins."

"People born with tails."


"Fistula. Lovely and so intelligent."

"Post-Polio Syndrome."

"Food Allergies."

"You got pain in childbirth but missed out maternal death in childbirth - quite a
big killer of women in countries without access to more intelligent doctors due to
the ridiculously stupid route out of the womb via the pelvis."

"Not sure why the intelligent designer gave tyrannasaurus rex such pointlessly
tiny arms either. Perhaps Dr Noble could explain."

"The parasitic wasp."

"The 20ft-long loop in the giraffe's loopy nerve!"

"Have you already got liver flukes with their three separate hosts and
seven separate phases?"



From: Steve Fuller
Sent: Sep 18, 2011
To: Keith Gilmour


Dear Keith,

Thanks for this. You might perhaps make more headway with ID people if you
understood the position better. The problem of apparent 'unintelligent design' in
nature is one that people with ID sympathies have long tackled. Simply look up the
literature on 'theodicy'.

Steve Fuller


From: Keith Gilmour
Sent: Mon 19/09/2011
To: Steve Fuller
Subject: Thank You


Dear Prof Fuller,

I am immensely grateful to you for your 'stunning' reply to my recent email. In
just one line, you inadvertently 'destroy' the notion that ID is science:

"The problem of apparent 'unintelligent design' in nature is one that people with
ID sympathies have long tackled. Simply look up the literature on 'theodicy'."

By admitting that 'unintelligent design' is a branch of theology, you necessarily
admit that 'Intelligent' Design is also a branch of theology.

Not quite what I was expecting, but absolutely priceless!

Many thanks again,

Keith Gilmour



David Klinghoffer

The Problem with Arguments from "Unintelligent Design"


 Please visit:



Referring to our latest additions/contributions as "the new list" - and ignoring
"Deaths in childbirth" to claim it "leads off" with "scurvy" - David Klinghoffer
lists the next nine C4UD examples (as at 21/02/2012) then asks, "Why stop at

Well, what on earth makes him think we've stopped at all? We were already at
139 when he visited this page and posted his critique.

("Over" and "up to" do not mean the same thing, Mr Klinghoffer).

To be absolutely clear, I do not hold that "to be intelligently designed, life
and its natural surroundings need to pose no challenges and entail no pain" -
simply that the above examples are 'unintelligent' in at least one sense of that
word. (Please see my reply to Casey Luskin on our 'Essays & emails' page). No
"false dilemma" is being offered here.

Extraordinarily, however, Klinghoffer complains that a world "without evil"
would be "the perfect hamster cage or turtle terrarium, where all our needs
are provided, there are no predators, no contagious disease, no confusion, no
loneliness, no sin, no particular purpose, no growth, just spinning aimlessly
on our exercise wheel or swimming idly in our calm, algaed paddling pool."

His fundamentalist Christian friends may well be 'stunned' to hear that God's
Heaven will be pointless and dreary! -- and this from a fundamentalist Jew!

Mr Klinghoffer also claims he could add "many more" of his own examples to
this site. I very much look forward to receiving these.




'Devastating' critique of this website: